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Your membership means having access to all of our features as well as growing support of our independent startup.

  • Monetize Your Art
    Sell your films or series for whatever price you decide

  • Creator Page Subscriptions
    Sell subscriptions to your Creator Page, as well as partner up with other Creators and sell your content together under one subscription

  • Just $35/Year
    No other filmmaking service provides a similar package of services for this price

  • Fund Your Projects
    MOORvision‘s subscription revenue will be used to fund select projects by independent content creators globally, and you can submit yours for consideration! More importantly – creators will retain full creative control & ownership over their projects.

  • Get Crew & Casting Calls
    When setting up a profile, you can select your professions, and whether or not you would like to opt in to be emailed casting calls and job opportunities for all our upcoming projects.

  • Brand Your Projects
    Design and sell your project’s merchandise and ancillaries on MOORvision Network.

  • More Services Are Coming!
    We have a lot more services & additions designed to best serve the creators planned to be added to our site in the near future!

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