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Who is behind MOORvision?

MOORvision is co-founded by Ali-Han Ibragimov, who is from Russia, and Rashan Allen, who is from New York. We're both 22-year-old tech developers & filmmakers with experience in film, music, video-game, sports & tech industries. 

What is the meaning of MOORvision's company name?

The name of the company is inspired by the Moors of Northwest Africa. African scholars traveled to Europe in 711, spreading their abundance of knowledge, technologies & innovations to other regions of the world, while most were still elementary in these aspects, being the root for a lot of the worlds cultural values. Moors are the original visionaries, being one of the pioneers for global expansion of innovations.

The Future of MOORvision:

In the near future, we're planning to develop revolutionary technologies for groundbreaking cinematic, on-set, and overall filmmaking performance and capabilities. Eventually, we aspire MOORvision to become a home to visionaries worldwide, across all industries, crafting innovations relevant to the times. 

We independently financed, produced and distributed our debut feature film “Bompton Had a Dream”. The film was shot entirely on location in Compton, and the Compton community was heavily involved in the process.

The film is based on the NAACP ACT-SO award-winning play “A Dream Deferred” written by the film writer & director Rashan Allen. 

You can watch “Bompton Had a Dream” today by clicking the button above, and if you’d like to find out more about how we got the film done, you can read our articles written from the Producer’s perspective, and from the Director’s perspective.


How is MOORvision any different from other streaming services?

With most streaming networks, you can typically log on, watch projects, and log off. MOORvision is a filmmakers streaming service, providing tools to help shape your career as a filmmaker, independently. Our current available features are:

  • MOORvision Network: A Filmmaking Streaming Service, providing resources for creators to finance, produce, and distribute content while retaining ownership & creative control.
  • MOORvision Social: A centralized platform for all social networks, where we have filtered the most trusted information-based pages, for anyone who is on our site will know they can browse through MOORvision Social for current entertainment, environment, and societal news without the distractive elements of social media.
  • MOORvision Store: Where merchandise & ancillaries are sold for MOORvision’s original content. Filmmakers will also have the opportunity to design & sell their own merch based on their own projects in the digital box-office.
  • Digital Box-Office: The first ever box-office built for online streaming, where creators will be able to sell their projects at any price point they see fit, while also being able to track & generate digital tickets sales.
  • Personal Subscribers: Any MOORvision creator who has a loyal fanbase has the option to set up a personal subscription plan for their supporters to subscribe directly to them, giving full access to all of the creator's current and upcoming releases.
  • Digital Movie Tickets: A physical/digital ticket that creators can sell for their projects available on MOORvision. When a ticket is purchased, the buyer can scan it to watch the project at anytime, anywhere.
  • Creator Services: Through the MOORvision Creator subscription, you will gain access to the packages that will help you fulfill the release of your film projects.
  • Community Opportunity: When setting up a profile, users can select their professions, and whether or not they would like to opt in to be emailed casting calls and job opportunities for all upcoming projects.
  • Legal Agreement Pool: Subscribers will have access to a pool of legal agreements essential to protect and move their art forward.

Will there be more features available?

We’re constantly developing new innovative ways to redefine the independent film and major distribution market, with that being said we plan to add more features along with the growth of our community, Such as:

  • Independent Film Fund: We know exactly what it feels like struggling to finance your project independently, so we will establish a system to fund qualifying projects that independent filmmakers submit for consideration. The filmmakers will retain complete ownership, licensing rights, and creative control, as long as they release the project exclusively on MOORvision as its first distribution option.
  • Freelance Services: If you have a specific skill in the entertainment space, you can offer your creative services to MOORvision's users. Users can review applicants, hire, pay the service-provider through our site, and the freelancer will only receive the money once the gig is completed.
  • Get Paid Per View: Similar to music streaming platforms, MOORvision will pay filmmakers per stream through our own CPV (Cents Per View) system that will generate performance-based royalties for any form of content as an alternative income stream option to digital ticket sales.
  • Film Banking: All-in-one dashboard/bank account for all your creative earnings from our site - detailed reports on CPV, views on distributed projects, sales in the store, music royalties, referrals, and more.
  • Invest In Film Stock: Executive Producers will be able to invest in select productions for shares (CPV) of any project, receiving a return on investment through royalties based on the production’s performance.
  • Ready-to-shoot packages: Purchase different level subscription packages to be provided everything you need to shoot projects on a regular basis. Ranging from low-budget shorts to commercial-value feature films, these packages will provide necessary crew, equipment, and consultations for quality assurance.
  • Product Placement Partnerships: Filmmakers will be able to browse our Brand Network and see what requirements their project has to meet in order to get a sponsorship.
  • Film Advisory: Receive on-demand consultations in all fields concerning your production.
  • And much, much more!